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    Plomberie et Matériaux de Construction is your must-have shop for faucets and various accessories to equip your bathroom. Based in Saint-Eustache, we sell our products to a residential clientele as well as to professionals in construction and renovation.

    Do you want to renovate your bathroom or do some plumbing work? Do you have problems with piping? Your mixer is defective? We have an extensive catalogue that perfectly meets your needs for the renovation of your bathroom or the repair of one of your elements.

    Our plumbing and bathroom fixtures are known for their reliability and aesthetics.


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    Why buy faucets and bathroom accessories at Plomberie et Matériaux de Construction?


    The faucets equip the washbasins as well as the baths and the showers. There are many types of faucets:


    • Mixing taps (single-controls)
    • 3 pieces taps (2 orders)
    • Freestanding faucets

    • Washbasin taps

    The most modern faucets offer considerable savings in water consumption due to the presence of aerators and other flow restrictors.
    The mixer taps offer incomparable comfort of use while ensuring increased safety thanks to a limitation of the temperature of the outlet water.
    Finally, the tap plays a role in the decoration and overall appearance of your bathroom. Indeed, there is a wide variety of metal finishes for faucets. You can choose between a classic chrome finish, a polished or brushed nickel finish or stainless steel.
    On the accessories side, our catalogue includes items that will make your life easier and decorate your bathroom with style. Whether you are looking for bath and shower accessories, towel bars or spare parts for your plumbing, you will find what you need.

    Are you a bathroom renovation company located in Saint-Eustache or its region? Are you an individual living in the Montreal North Shore area wishing to replace his faucet or equip his bathroom with various functional and decorative objects? Visit our branch to discover our items. You can also reach us at (450) 413-1914 or complete our contact form .